Friday, April 30, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

yamaha r15

its the same r15 frame and engine only the styling is changed it sold in Indonesia and called as vixion

Sunday, April 25, 2010

r15 modified to r6 taile

This adapted vixion yamaha yamaha vixion a sporty, rear motor anatomy modification in this archetypal and simulate the anatomy of a yamaha R6. Yamaha motorcycle bankrupt vixion this adventurous archetypal application aluminum muffler as in the yamaha R6. Velg MGV dibalut with battlax BT45 rear annoy and battlax BT92 bind velg MGV be fabricated in Thailand with a advanced arm additional the appearance of condom modifikator fiber.

yamaha vixon modded its a same r15 frame

Clothes glow in the dark are common. However, if it is a motorcycle, then a special result, especially in Pontianak, West Borneo. It’s like that done by Hendry from home modifications Dr X on Yamaha V-Ixion 2009 with a body that has been modified. When passed in the darkness, body type motor sport tuning fork bearing caused a light.

“Probably the first bike in Pontianak that uses phosphorus paint,” Hendry said proudly. To create light effects, he said it was not too much trouble. Only the phosphor powder mixed into the paint.

The process begins with a white primer, then given the next layer of white paint that is already mixed phosphorus. “After that, new in-airbrush. For the final stage, then given a layer of varnish,” abah said, Hendry close calls. He admitted using phosphorous paint because it does not need special treatment and more stylish without any trouble.

Capital is less shiny paint sip without changes to the body followed. In the model and design, this bike looks fit and harmonious. That said, this detail has become the most powerful influence of the whole motor. “Made of fiber, while the tank is only the original part”.

Because the model attracted sporty (racing), then the stern pointed contrived. So is the seat, re-designed racing style. “So, who will ride on a bicycle wrote sorry, yes i don’t can,” Hendry smile.

In fact, on the surface of the seat of the independent logo etched, which also became a symbol of his shop. Nah just there. Coat was also found in the triangle above the front suspension and rear part of sepatbor. Views become more alive because of wheel and engine in blue paint.

R-15 modifyed

Bro, this is my Yamaha Vixion. I make a full body. I give the name Yamaha YZF R-15.
If anyone interested in the body, please Pm me. . . . . Because this is also one of my recent work. . . .
Please enjoy. . . . .